Reviews & Awards

Lyrical prose, refreshing wit, and magical time travel

“A seamless blend of fact and fiction”

* Finalist in the 2015 Chanticleer Mystery and Mayhem Awards. 

* Finalist 2016 Chanticleer Goethe Awards for Historical Fiction

Praise for Suzette Hollingsworth’s novels

“Best Holmesian Book of 2015”
– Amazon customer

“This is an excellent, gifted writer, with a true future ahead of her.”
– Charlotte Carter

“Sir Doyle would enjoy. It has all the classic trappings of one of his novels. From the language to the descriptions of London and its denizens, it is historical fiction at its best.”
– Christopher Gallagher

“A Sherlock tale with Hepburn and Tracy flair . . . It had the feel of a classic old Hollywood mismatched romantic comedy to me…. Hepburn and Tracy. It was charming and would really appeal to people who love the idea of a kind of Jane Austen meets Conan Doyle mash-up.”
– RaynaRed, Audible reviewer

“Cumberbatch/Sherlock meets his match!”
– Jan, Audible reviewer

“Sherlock in Mr. Darcy mode . . . ”
– PandaRS, Audible reviewer

“Irene Adler has competition”
– Mary, Audible reviewer

“This is a very fascinating novel. All the characters are very vibrant and come to life while reading them.”
 Coffee Time Romance & More

“Her humor is refreshing, I laughed out-loud on a few occasions, shed a few tears, and sat on the edge of my seat for most of it.”
– AnaMaree, owner, Wenatchee Book Co.

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