My goal in writing historical fiction is to engage the reader in a magical journey of time travel. I am excited about my current Sherlock Holmes series in which Sherlock’s landlady's niece is a potential love interest amidst this Victorian mystery.

Sherlock Holmes is a great, fun hero to write because he is liked from the get-go despite being pompous and insufferable (or perhaps because of it!), something which might result in an unsympathetic hero in another narrative. While being true to the characters Conan Doyle created, the series draws on the imagery surrounding the beloved Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson (in particular, Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law), incorporates the witty banter into the relationship between Sherlock and Mirabella, and lends itself well to Steam punk, blending the "Age of Invention" with something old-fashioned, elegant, and slower-paced. Enjoy. The game is afoot!

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Book #3

Sherlock Holmes and the Chocolate Menace

The plans for the Abdül Hamid, the only submarine with a working torpedo in existence, have been stolen. Whoever has the blueprint, more valuable than the Queen’s jewels and representing a great deal more power, rules the seas.

But the plot thickens. Someone is attempting to usurp the British government with the discrediting of the three most powerful leaders in England: Queen Victoria; William Gladstone, the Prime Minister; and Benjamin Disraeli, the conservative MP. The sun never sets on the British Empire: whosoever rules England, rules the world.

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Praise for The Detective in Love Series

“Her humor is refreshing, I laughed out-loud on a few occasions, shed a few tears, and sat on the edge of my seat for most of it.”
– AnaMaree, owner, Wenatchee Book Co.

“Sir Doyle would enjoy. It has all the classic trappings of one of his novels. From the language to the descriptions of London and its denizens, it is historical fiction at its best.”
– Christopher Gallagher

“This is an excellent, gifted writer, with a true future ahead of her.”
– Charlotte Carter


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