Thank you for visiting my website. My writer’s voice is best described as “A Jane Austen and Robert Downey Jr. meet on the African Queen type of Historical Romance.” I love the works of Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer: their wit and elegant, formal language positively delights me!

My goal in writing historical fiction is that you, the reader, will engage in a magical journey and time travel through my books. I love history and geography. I find different people, cultures, and time periods fascinating. I am entranced with Europe (including but not limited to France, England, and Switzerland), Hawaii, and Mexico. There is a magic which seeps up through the ground and captivates. I enjoy opera, ballet, music, theatre, snorkeling, travel, walking the ocean, visiting friends and family.

I grew up in Texas, spent part of my childhood in Wyoming, went to school in Tennessee, lived in Paris, France for a summer, and I currently live in Washington state with my husband, Clint Hollingsworth, who is a novelist, artist, tracker, and web cartoonist with 25,000 fans world-wide ( and which I co-wrote). 

Clint’s novels include wilderness thrillers (“The Sage Wind Blows Cold”, Mac Crow Thrillers #1, finalist Chanticleer Dante Rossetti Awards) and science fiction (“The Road Sharks”, Ghost Wind Chronicles #1),

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I would love to hear from you…

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